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After working very hard at the day job this year,  and getting the Curmudgeon himself through pneumonia, and having my Mom pass last month, I took an opportunity and bought a new used saddle.  In deference to my own advancing years and the realization that time is passing for me too, I decided I needed a roll bar.  So am now the excited owner of a Tucker endurance saddle.  It feels wonderful and is also as an added perk, really beautiful.  And of course the requisite fit and pad for the horses.  It fits all my wide bodied equines.  I seem to gravitate to them, more whoa than go.  And thanks to KG for encouraging me to go and look and many thanks to Rocking B Saddle Shop in Hillsborough, NC for helping me find the right saddle.

So hopefully an early trail ride tomorrow before it gets too hot to think. And then many miles of pleasure riding to come.

This morning was lovely, one of our boarders has a sister with two young girls who are riding with us now.  Prize, KN’s 26 year old Arabian mare, is our favorite energetic Grandma horse and does a couple of lessons on the weekends.  She takes care of them and helps me teach them about focus, balance and lightness.  So today E (she is 6)took her first lesson with us and was attentive, relaxed and open to trying all kinds of new maneuvers that I ask of the beginners, and Prize was steady and kind.  And Nellie, who is recuperating from a non-specific lameness at the trot was walked by A (she is 10), the older of the two children.  A nice early morning short outing for Nellie and A with Rooster and T.

I have found so much richness in this life.  We work all the time, but that merges right into the rewards of watching horses and people find magic together.

So my short Sunday morning prayer:

Blessed are you, merciful creator of the universe, who allows us to touch the elements of earth, air, water and fire in this animal, the horse.  Amen

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